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Our Customer Relationship Management philosophy is based on the following key factors,


  • We believe to build relationship based on VIP (Vision Integrated Performance) treatment with the customers.

  • We look in every transaction while aligning our paradigm with Principles (Self Evident natural laws/universal truth) and execute the transaction to produce an effective result.

  • Our Relationship Management always focuses to maintain balance between Production Capability and the Production for timely execution of delivery promise.

  • Our CRM is a product of choices, we choose before entering into an agreement with the customer, but when we enter we stand responsible for our commitments with the customers.

  • We believe to expand our circle of influence (the things which are controllable and directly impact our customer relationship) and to reduce our circle of concern (things which are uncontrollable and have less direct impact on our relationship with our valued customers)

  • We strongly practice that the mental creation precedes the physical, so we develop our customers by design.  We always begin with the end in mind and assure the mutually beneficial WIN- WIN relationship with our customers.

  • Our CRM put first things first. We priorities our valued and important clients and assure relation with balance and peace of mind.

  • We strongly practice Time Matrix System in our Customer Relationship Management. We assure the balance between the clock (Time Management) and the Compass (Importance). We love to deal our customer having their important projects with no urgency. It always results in Long term quality relationship.

  • We seek effective and long term Relationship with mutual respect and mutual benefit. We understand that there is plenty out there for everyone, and more to spare. So we enter the transactions only after assuring wining results both for our customers and for our company.

  • We seek to create only WIN- WIN agreements in our Customer Relationship Management.

  • We believe that in order to communicate effectively, we must understand the accurate requirement of our valued customer. We listen our valued customer with intent to understand. We agree only if we can complete the requirement in true sense. We take proper time to diagnose before we prescribe.

  • We believe that the together we can create a better way, a higher way. We understand that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We always welcome our customers from all over the world The synergy element.

  • We offer our customer to build a Synergistic Relationship, as it creates

1 - Result oriented positive energies

2 - WIN-WIN cooperation

3 - Having mutually agreed upon end in mind

4 - Worth the effort and highly effective

5 - A disciplined process

  • We believe, in order to maintain and increase a healthy Customer Relationship, we must Renew Ourselves in body (Manufacturing capability) Mind (Technology) Heart (Skilled Labor force) and Soul (WIN WIN Relationship)

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