Optimum has been in business since 1991. We are still a 100% family owned enterprise.

Here is our year wise market chart. We still owned all our operations in different industries. 

 1991      The 1st project was introduced in Retail industry with a Cash & Carry Store. At that time there was only one its kind self                                 service cash & carry retail store. We still own all the stores.


1994       The family stepped into Automobile Industry. We owned the luxury cars and being offered to foreign delegations visiting Pakistan                   Ordinance Factories, HIT & Islamabad.

2000       Our 1st export related project had been initiated in 2000. The product included export of Lapis Lazulli, Gem stone and stone                         jewelry.

2003        We entered into manufacturing & export of Onyx and Marble Products. Now we are supplier to Dal Tile for all Pakistani onyx                        and marble stone requirements.

2008        We enter into manufacturing and export of Himalayan salt Product. We have been supplying to various importers and supplier                      to T J Maxx, Ross & Kirkland is worth to mention as our customer. We are also key supplier to branded product in                                        Himalayan Salt.

2012        Our US operation incorporates as Optimum Onyx Marble LLC came into existence on January 20, 2012. The purpose was                            the company is to increase the customers confidence as local US company. From 2013 to 2015 we participated in Covering                        the largest stone expo in America.

2015         We planned and initiated to introduce Optimum Branded product line. So we form Optimum Brands LLC. We initiated to                               start with  our Himalayan Salt product line. We approached leading US brand agencies for their services in 2105. We                                 selected brand agency selection in 2016 & now we are introducing our 3 SKUs of Himalayan Salt products in 2017. We will                       be adding 3 more SKUs by end of 1st quarter of 2018.