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Natural Himalayan Salt Lamps

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Natural Himalayan Salt Pyramid Lamp (8 - 9 lbs)



Optimums Salt LampA

Product and Packaging
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Product Name      Natural Himalayan Salt Pyramid Lamp

Product Code       CSL - 002 

Material              Himalayan Salt
Lamp Size           6" x 7"

Lamp Weight       8 to 9 lbs (3.5 to 4 kgs)

Base Size            0.5" x 7"
Base of Lamp       Polished Wooden Base
Screw                 Nickle Coated Screws Used To Fix
                          Wooden Base With Lamp

Box Packaging

Product Name       Natural Himalayan Salt Pyramid Lamp
Box Size               7” x 7” x 7”
Box Material         3 Ply White Corrugated Box
Quality                 Imported Craft

Carton Packaging

Carton Size           14" x 14" x 7" 

Box Material          5 Ply Corrugated Box
Weight of Carton    16 kgs

No. of Lamps         4 Boxes

Pallet Packaging

Pallet Size              48" x 40" x 76"
Weight of a Pallet   < 1000 kgs

No. of Cartons       60 Units

Product Details

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